Greetings Universe!

Greetings everyone.  It’s very early in the morning and I decided to make this blog.  I have many blogs.  The more the merrier I say.  I usually wake up at 4 am because I work out and do a hot sauna and hot shower for 3 hours.  After this blog post that’s what I’m going to do.

So what do I feel like talking about today?  I would like to talk about how I think America is working towards a great direction and I’m so glad I voted for this President.  Ever since the last leader left office it feels like a dark cloud has lifted from my skies and I can finally see the sky again.  That last leader was not my President and never ever will be.  In fact, I don’t trust him.

For about a few months now I have been engaged in intense spiritual warfare with those who wish to harm me and those I love.  It was intense, debilitating, and nearly cost me my life and the lives of my loved ones.  It was just awful and macabre and sick.  It was the last leader’s people who were doing it.

Now that he is basically powerless, he can’t touch me anymore.  Hip Hip Hooray.

I’m battle-weary and have lost a lot of weight but I’m still alive and I’ve got my appetite back.

Yesterday, I discovered that some insane, lesbian Latina, a Mexican had hacked all my online accounts and was pretending to be me.  Absolutely bizarre.  She even claimed she was dating my husband Michael.  I was like you are out of your mind and to seek professional help.  She was even utilizing black magic and Santeria to achieve her aims.  She’s insane.

Anyway I confronted her and put a stop to it.  I’ve got all my accounts back.  She won’t be bothering me anymore.  And what’s more my husband would never be with someone like her.  He prefers blondes like me and his first girlfriends.  She’s a wack job.

My daughter Frances is in the Master Bedroom.  She came into my room around midnight and slipped into bed.  I think she misses her Daddy.  Her father left a week or two ago to do a special ops mission for the U.S. Military.  He never tells us details like location, mission details, or when he will return.  He calls me on a special phone which I carry with me everywhere even in the shower.  It’s water-proof and fire-proof.

We live in Sleepy Hollow, New York.  That’s Upstate, New York.  We own a huge farmstead.  Two farms connected as one – Susanno and Fairwells Acres.  Susanno is our surname and Fairwells is one of my old codenames when I work special ops missions.  But since I’m raising four children under the age of four, I’m on hiatus from doing special missions.  We have a three year old daughter, two year old twin boys, and a youngest son who will be turning 1 in about a week.  I’ve decided to make his birthday party a Captain America Theme Birthday Party.

Our farmstead consists of many, many acres.  We’re the only farm in town as a result.  We have plenty of crop fields, mills, barns, granaries, dairy, vineyards, tree orchards, and even pumpkin patches.  We’re located by the woods in the back where my husband goes hunting and located along the Hudson River where we park our Yacht, fishing boats, kayaks, and sailing boats.  We have a massive garden with a pond and small bridge.  Our entire farmstead has state of the art security and we also have human security with dogs and wolves.  Yes, we raise wolves 🙂

Most of our food comes from our farms and Trader Joe’s and the local Farmer’s Market.  We also own an Italian restaurant nearby, “Susanno’s.”  The menu consists of recipes handed down for a number of generations to my husband’s mother, Frances, who our daughter is named after.  My daughter’s full name is Frances Prima Susanno.  Prima is my mother’s name.  All our children are named after our families.

I work many professions as my linkedin profile will tell you:

But my main day job is as a Kindergarten teacher and Psychiatrist/Psychologist for adolescents and twenty-somethings.

I’m an accomplished artist and we own an art gallery in town.  A five story building.  I’m the Head Curator, but we have other professional curators as well.  Susanno Art Galleries.

We also own a Tea House in town.  Merrick Tea House.  It’s like Teavana except it’s a sit-down restaurant with more selections of teas.  You can order take-out and many do, especially our bubble tea which is originally from Japan.

We also own a Fashion House.  House of Susanno.  I’m also a skilled Fashion Designer.  And it’s based in Upstate, New York and Milan, Italy.

We own a real estate company that is only a few years old.  We own a lot of property around the country and around the world.  I’m also an architect and mechanical engineer like my husband.

I’m Vegan.  I chose to be Vegan for ethical reasons.  The rest of the family is not.  I do eat meat from time to time though.

Although we live by the river, we own an indoor infinity pool, Olympic Size.

Our children have their own playground on the premises.

We have no maids or butlers for our English Manor.  But we do have many farmhands to work on the farms.

I do most of the cleaning, along with my retired aunt, Aunt Romancita.  Our house has 150 rooms.  I’m mostly OCD, so I do a lot of cleaning 🙂

In my spare time I volunteer for Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Greenpeace.  I also have lunch and high tea with my good girl friends I’ve known for more than two decades.

Spiritually I am eclectic.  Both my husband and I were raised mostly Roman Catholic, but I spent the first four years of my life being raised Christian, either Methodist or Mormon and in German.

I’m well-versed in many religions and my true religion is love.

I have my own Arts & Crafts room where I spend a great deal of time.  By the way most of the doors in our manor are locked,  Only me, my aunt, and husband have the keys.

Well, it was nice blogging for a bit.  Everyone take care.  Off to work out and start my day.  I’m taking the children into the city.  Going to the Botanical Gardens and the Science and Technology Museum.

Love & Light


Emma and Family

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