Sunday Blues

Greetings Everyone.  Love and Light to all my friends and loved ones around the universe.  And to my husband, Michael Jon Susanno, I miss you ever so much and dearly.  I hope you return from your Special Ops mission soon.  Our children miss their Daddy very much.

I’m listening to Ella Fitzgerald at the moment.  I like listening to music like this.  Although it generally makes me sad and nostalgic for eras that are no more.  I’m such an old soul.  I listen to old, classic music, hipster music, some pop, folk music, country music, and classical music.

We’re leaving for the local Methodist Church where I teach Sunday School to normal students and children with special needs.  We’re taking our latest White Mercedes-Benz 600 Series today.  We own a huge 10-story car garage where my husband collects cars, modern and vintage.  I normally use the more modern cars and SUVs.

I’m taking the family on our luxury Yacht today onto the Hudson River.  Our farmstead is located next to the Hudson River.  We have a Yacht, Fishing Boats, Speed Boats, Sailing Boats, Row Boats, and Kayaks.

We’re eating at Friendly’s for lunch and ice cream today.  Then we’re going shopping at the local luxury mall.  I’m getting toys for the children at FAO Schwartz.  I’m going to pick up a few more books on my Nook at Barnes & Noble as well.

I’m stopping at Trader Joe’s on our way home to pick up some Food Staples.

I’m having high tea with some Sorority Sisters.  Alpha Chi Omega.

Then we’re having a delicious, full course Sunday Dinner.  I already made homemade apple pie and Tiramisu cake.

Tonight I’m working on the two Nordic Quilts for my twin sons.  And then I’m going into our Photography Dark Room and develop all the photos I took this week.  I’m also going to spend some time in my large, spacious home office/studio to plan Leo’s First Birthday in a little over than a week.

I think I’ll watch a classic movie in bed tonight.  “Casablanca”  I’m just in a nostalgic mood today.

Everyone have a wonderful Sunday!

Love and Light


Emma and Family

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