Personal Assistant and River Cruise on Hudson River

I’m hiring a personal assistant this week.  A gay male in his twenties with a liberal arts degree and a licensed Beautician.  I need someone to do my hair, makeup, and nails every morning.  And I need someone to run errands for me.  And someone to help me with my office work.  Basically I want an assistant to personally assist me in everything I do.  He will live with us and have access to a car.  A 2017 Blaclk Sports Coupe Hyundai.  So he should be an excellent driver.  I have ten interviews set up for this week.

I’m a licensed Beautician myself, but it takes me longer to do my hair, makeup, and nails than if I had someone else do it.

I’m listening to Sarah Vaughan.  Great Artist.  Love her music.

We went on a River Cruise on the Hudson River in our luxury Yacht today.  Me, my 4 toddler children, and my Aunt Romancita.  My children really enjoyed the ride.  They pretended they were pirates.  I called our on-call Captain this morning to be our pier at 1:30 pm.  My aunt and I had high tea with tea pastries, especially macaroons.  I also had snacks and fruit juices for the children.  I did have a few cosmopolitans from our bar.

Our farmstead is located next to the Hudson River.  So we have our own pier and boat house.  We have a huge, luxury Yacht, fishing boats, sailing boats, speed boats, row boats, kayaks, and jetskis.

I’m going to make a delicious, full course dinner for the family now.  I’m an excellent chef and baker.  We rarely eat out.  I was trained in Culinary Institutes in Milan, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Athens, and NYC.

Anyway, after dinner I’m going to work on knitting a blue Afghan.  I finished making the twins their Nordic Design Quilts.  I already placed them on their beds.  They love it.  The blue Afghan is for my rocking chair in the Children’s playroom.

Then I’m going to work in my home office/studio and go over resumes and business documents.  My husband, Michael Jon Susanno, and I run businesses.  We have our own corporation.  Susanno Enterprises.

My husband called today.  Michael said he’d be home in time for our son Leo’s birthday in four days.  Great news 🙂  It’s a Captain America theme party.

Everyone have a good one.

Love and Light.

Emma and Family

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