On My Way to Work

I always carry my Dell Laptop and Apple IPad with me wherever I go as well as my Apple IPhone and Apple Watch and Fitbit.  It’s amazing what we can do with technology.

I have an apple IPhone 6plus.  I haven’t upgraded to the IPhone 7 yet.  My father did two months ago.  They look about the same except mine is bigger and his is water-proof.  hehe.

Anyway, I use my Laptop more often than my IPad.  I’m just more comfortable with a laptop.  I use the Ipad with my children when I’m teaching them educational activities on it.  Frances has her own IPad which she brings to school.  She also has her own Samsung Galaxy Phone that has parental controls on it.  I was going to get her an IPhone, but the Samsung had better parental controls.  She’s only 3 and knows how to call me, her father, her grandfather and grandmother, her Aunt Romancita, and 911.  Sometimes she likes to call me when we’re both home but in different rooms.  hehe.

I take photos of my children every day with state of the art cameras.  I don’t post their photos online.  I don’t want anyone having access to my children at the moment.

Anyway, I’m dressed and Frances is dressed and ready for preschool.  I packed her lunch.  Strawberry Yoplait yogurt, a banana, baloney and cheese sandwich, fresh milk from the farm, and a boxed fruit juice from Trader Joe’s.

I have 5 more interviews for the personal assistant job this afternoon.  Only 1 out of 5 made it to the final round yesterday.  We’ll see how this second batch does.

My husband returned from his special ops mission a few hours ago.  I was so happy to see him.  He was still in uniform and exhausted.  He’s fast asleep now.  I’ll let him sleep in.

My baby is kicking a lot lately.  I let the children feel my tummy when he kicks.  They giggle uncontrollably and have a tendency to talk to my stomach now and then.  hehe.  The baby is due in two months around my Husband’s birthday.  He will be named Michael J. Susanno II.

Anyway, I have to leave now to go to work and drop Frances off at Preschool.

Everyone have a good day.

Love and Light

Isn’t this a gorgeous photo?  I found it on Tumblr.  I’m going to make an oil painting out of it and I’m going to design the clothes for me, Frances, and my Aunt Romancita.


Also, this is what I’m wearing to Leo’s first birthday this Sunday.


It’s from Regilla.  I’m wearing a pair of matching Rene Caovilla shoes with the dress and matching jewelry.  The party is semi-formal and I indicated as such in the party invitations.  It’s being held in our spacious ballroom which is designed after a ballroom in Versailles, France.  We usually hold Masquerade Parties there 🙂


Anyway, have a good one.



Emma and Family

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