Leo’s First Birthday Party – Captain America Theme

Greetings Universe!  Love and Light to all my friends and loved ones around the universe.  I hope you’re all doing well.  Today is a big day.  We’re celebrating Leo’s first birthday party today even though his birthday is really tomorrow.  We celebrate parties on off days and weekends when people aren’t working so they’ll be available to attend.  I can’t believe he’s 1 years old already.  It seems like only yesterday that they put him in my arms for the very first time.  At the party we’re going to present a slideshow showcasing Leo’s first year.  I take photos of everyone every single day, so we have a lot of photos of Leo to work with.  We chose the best and most poignant ones.  I’m a professional photographer.  I have my degree in it and studied photography of all kinds for a number of years. I don’t take many photos using any smart phone or tablet.  I use state of the art cameras instead.  I have my own photography studio complete with a modern photo development station and an old-fashioned dark room.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon into the early evening setting up party decorations and arranging the tables with the help of my personal assistant, Matt.  I baked a huge 3 tiered Captain America cake which is chocolate with chocolate pudding filling.  I also made a number of French and Italian pastries.  I’m a Master Chef and Baker because I studied and earned degrees from a number of culinary institutes in America, France, Italy, and Spain.  Just check out my linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emma-mcentyre-merrick  Rather lengthy and impressive, wouldn’t you say.

Last night I was in the entertainment room with my husband and we started talking about building hotels.  I have my degree in hotel and restaurant management from the International University of Barcelona in Spain.  We’re going to name the hotels, Susanno Hotels.  We’re going to make them luxury hotels geared for the wealthy and the middle-class families.

I have to update my linkedin profile to include the other non-profit organizations I’m involved in.  Our family does a lot of charity work.  Last night my husband and I attended a fundraising gala event at the Waldorf in Manhattan for the Citrus Mission Inc.  We managed to raise over 350, ooo dollars.  Great job, everyone.  It was a formal event and I wore a gown and Michael wore a tux.

Anyway,  the caterers are here and are setting up in the kitchen near the ballroom.  They’re the best caterers in the area and ate expensive.  They’re serving gourmet meals, snacks, and appetizers.  They’re dressed in uniforms.

The videographer, photographer, DJ, bartender, and entertainers will arrive before noon when the party begins.  The party ends formally at 8 pm but I know both my family and my husband’s family and they will stay until the wee hours of the morning.  hehe.

Well I’m all made up and dressed thanks to Matt.  Time to dress my children in their formal party attire.  It’s time to start the big day.

Happy Birthday, Leo, my beautiful, cheerful, loving baby boy.  Mommy, Daddy, Auntie, Matt, your sister and brothers love you immensely.  Today and tomorrow are your days.  But in actuality, for me, every single day belongs to all my children.  Mommy and Daddy love you all.

Take care everyone.

Love and Light


Emma and Family

That’s what my children are wearing.  Adorable, right?  🙂

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