Yes, thank goodness it’s Friday.  It’s been a very busy week.  So I’m in the middle of my morning routine.  I’m about to hop into the hot sauna then take a hot steam shower with real hot steam.  I love hot showers and scented bubble baths.  I use top of the line scented bath and shampoo and conditioner products.  My husband and I have separate bathrooms, though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t come in here sometimes.  hehe.

Did you know that I studied Travel Tourism and Travel Services.  In other words, I can open up my own Travel Agency.  I learned about being a Ticket Agent as well.  I was even asked to be a Flight Attendant with American Airlines.  So in the near future I’m going to discuss with my husband about opening our own Traveling Agency.  Susanno or Fairwells Travel Agency.

Did you know that I’m pregnant with twins?  A boy and a girl.  We’re going to name them Michael and Emmaline after me and my husband.  They are both due on my husband’s birthday this coming May.  My mother also has an Emma name.  Mine is Emma Ruth.  But everyone calls me Emma.  Emma is a German/English name meaning “Universal.”

So every morning I look at my Tumblr and today I was looking at the Japanese dolls I collect.  I collect dolls from around the world.  We have huge rooms dedicated to doll collections.  My daughter’s American Girl and Journey Girl and Barbie Dolls are in her room though so she can play with them.  Anyway, I found this Pullip Doll the author named Emma.  I’ll show you:emmapullip

She sort of looks like me with the blonde hair, but my hair isn’t platinum blonde.  And she doesn’t have my blue eyes.

I also wanted to show you a Blythe doll because these two dolls are similar and belong to rival companies.



They look similar don’t they?  There’s a lot of animosity between the fans of either doll.  Ridiculous if you ask me. hehe.  Anyway, when all my children were born they all were born with hair just as blonde as those two dolls.  It’s only as they got older did their hair get darker.

I’m enjoying reading the biography of President George Washington.  My goal is to read every single biography of all 45 Presidents this entire year 🙂  I’ve already read practically 4000 fiction books, so now I’m working on non-fiction.  But I only read for an hour or two before I go to bed.

My husband and I are attending a black-tie gala fundraising event for UNICEF tonight.  Our aim is to raise 1Million dollars.  I just started working for UNICEF this past January.  I’m an executive in it’s Education Department.  I oversee the other Educators in the Field.

Everyone take care.
Love and Light

Emma and Family

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