Hello Saturday!

Greetings Universe!  Love and Light to all my friends and loved ones around the Universe.  I hope you are well.

I woke up early and did an hour of Yoga and Reiki in my Yoga/Reiki Studio.  I’m a certified Yoga and Reiki instructor.  Then I went into the hot sauna and afterwards I took a hot steam shower with real hot steam.

After I did my beauty regimen in my huge bathroom I went into the adjoining Prep room where Matt, my Personal Assistant was waiting.  He did my hair, make up and nails.  I was wearing a white monogrammed robe.  We decided to leave my blonde hair down and styled.  And we did light makeup with ruby red lips and expensive mascara to bring out my blue eyes.  As for nails, it was another French Manicure with diamond studs on each nail.

I got dressed in a white Armani sweater and a pair of distressed jeans and heels.  Also a Cartier watch, Armani Sunglasses, and Givenchy Bag.  My Husband, Michael Jon Susanno, is dressed similar to me, except no heels.  Here’s partly what I’m wearing:


I love these jeans and how well they look with my heels.

Before the entire family ate breakfast, I made espresso for both me and my husband, Michael Jon Susanno.  I’m a certified Barista.  About two decades ago I went to Barista School at Starbucks.  I can make all kinds of coffees, iced, hot, and slushie.  I can make artwork on your espressos with the crème milk; like two hearts, a house, an Owl, etc. 🙂

This is what I made today:

michaelandemmacoffeeEspressos a la mode.

This design is a simple one most Baristas first learn when they go to Barista School.  My husband and I talked for an hour about the children, our family, Matt, and our businesses.  Susanno and Fairwells.  My husband and I are entrepreneurs and we have a number of businesses.  That’s how come we can afford a luxurious lifestyle.  We work, we hustle, and we build.  We’re building an Empire.

Last month over Valentine’s Day Weekend, my husband surprised me with a trip to Paris, France.  We took our private plane, “Susanno.”  We spent the weekend in Paris. We stayed at the Four Seasons George V Hotel.  We have a home in Paris but it’s being remodeled and renovated.  It should be done by this summer.  We went shopping in Paris and my husband, Michael Jon Susanno, bought me these pair of heels:


Aren’t they gorgeous?  I feel like a Greek Goddess when I wear them.


Anyway, today the entire family, including Matt and my Aunt Romancita, are spending the entire day in New York City.  We’re taking one of our Volvo SUV’s. We’re going to park it in the Chelsea District at an Apartment we own there.  My husband and I are in the real estate business and we own property all over the world.  We’re going to use Uber Car Services to get around town.

We’re going to the Natural Museum of History, strolling around Central Park, and watching the Lego Batman Movie, and shopping along Fifth Avenue.

We’re going to have lunch at the Gramercy Tavern and dinner at an Italian Restaurant, Piscitti Ristorante.  I’m eating for three since I’m pregnant with twins so I had my Aunt pack a Louis Vuitton bag full of food, Evian Water, smoothies, and snacks for the children and the rest of the family.

We won’t be back until the evening.

Everyone have a wonderful Saturday.

Love and Light


Emma and Family

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