Hello Sunday!

Greetings Universe! Love and Light to all my loved ones and friends around the Universe. I hope you are well.

I just finished teaching Sunday School at St. Matthias Roman Catholic Church.  I teach normal children and children with special needs.  My own children were with me.  All 6 of them.

We’re sitting in Bridge View Tavern waiting for lunch to be served.  I ordered 2 Veggie Burgers because I am so hungry and I’m eating for 3.  I’m pregnant with twins.  A boy and a girl.  Michael and Emmaline, named after my husband and me 🙂

I’ll show you what I’m wearing today.  It’s Conservative Casual:womens-classic-work-outfits-for-fall-winter-2014-2015-16-600x1028

She has the same hair as me and I had Matt style my blonde hair just like that.

After we eat lunch we’re going to the Palisades Center Mall to do some shopping.  Oh, I teach Sunday School at two Churches.  I alternate between the two.  United Methodist Church and St. Matthias Roman Catholic Church.  I switch between the two every Sunday 🙂  I was raised in both spiritual paths.

This morning my husband and I went out for breakfast and coffee at Art Café of Nyack.

My Aunt, Matt, and our children all had  breakfast at home.


I’m shopping for baby shower stuff today.  We’re having the baby shower next month.  I have to go in my Arts & Crafts Room and create over 300 Baby Shower Invitations.  The Theme is Pink and Blue and Disney.  Mostly Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse 🙂

Tomorrow, in the afternoon I’ll be very busy after work.  I have to see 2 Psych Patients and then I have to go to the non-profit organization “All for Art,” and devote some work time there.  I’ll get to know some of the adolescents involved in the program.

We went shopping on Fifth Avenue yesterday and my husband bought me a pair of Dolce & Gabbana Heels.tumblr_mizun8iuzc1r1wep8o1_1280

I like that they’re floral, but it’s such an avant garde design.  My Husband loves me 🙂

So I’m busy writing an article on Psychology and Psychiatry for the National Medical Review Journal.  I have a month left to finish writing it.  It’s on Borderline Personalities and Suicide.

Anyway, Spring is almost here.  It’s going to be a glorious Spring.  Summer is going to even be better.  Our family is traveling this summer.  When my Kindergarten students are off from school and on Summer Vacation, so am I 🙂

So I’m almost finished working on Susanno Resort Fashion Line.  It’s bold, colorful, and floral.

Everyone have a good one.
Love and Light


Emma and Family

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