Hello Universe :)

Greetings Universe!  Love and Light to all my loved ones and friends across the universe.  I hope you are well.

It’s getting kind of late and I need to be in bed for my 3 hour workout this coming morning.  I spent the last few hours pouring over business documents dealing with our real estate and hotel businesses.  I also was in my photographer’s studio going over the last year of my photos to showcase at our Susanno Art Galleries later this month.

I spent the early evening, after dinner, taking care of 6 children, two who are due in two months.  I did arts & crafts projects with them making snowmen since there’s a blizzard outside.  I did educational activities involving a Nature Film I let them watch about Birds.  And I read to them Children stories from French authors.

We had Italian for dinner.  Lasagna, Chicken Caciatorre, Minestrone Soup, and a Garden Salad.  I had made Peach Cobbler Pie for Dessert.

Here’s what I wore to work today: tumblr_ocqmilp7JX1qlchfwo1_1280

It was cold outside so I was wearing a matching Wool Burberry coat and scarf.

As for undergarments, I was wearing Victoria’s Secret.


After work I changed into this outfit:


My husband and I had espresso coffee tonight.  Just the two of us.


Well that sums up my day and evening.

Goodnight everyone.

Love and Light


Emma and Family



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