Greetings Universe!  Love and Light to all my friends and loved ones around the universe.  I hope you are well.

I just had to say that I think my IPhone is hacked.  Sometimes I get double notifications and someone tries to log into my apps.  I’m somewhat surprised because Apple Iphones have the best security out of all the mobile phones publicly available out there.  I’m already used to being stalked and hacked.  It’s been going on for my entire life.  I even got the police involved at one point.  And a few years back someone was using my identity.  All guilty parties were arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I’m currently at work as a Kindergarten teacher.  My students are watching a Nature Film on the life of tigers.  It will be over in under an hour.  I placed paper plates of graham crackers with peanut butter and jelly on all their tables as well as paper cups of fresh, organic milk from our dairy cows at our farmstead.  The children were a little disappointed they had school today.  They were hoping it was going to be a snow day.

I’ll show you what I wore to work today:

I like the black and white designer dress.  She has my blonde hair and sort of looks like me.  But of course I had to wear the Burberry Camel Wool Coat with hat, scarf, and gloves because it’s freezing outside.  I wore snow boots to work, but switched to those black Louboutins you see in the photo.  And that’s my black Birkin bag.  I also brought my laptop/tablet bag which I carry with me virtually everywhere.

I drove my hubby’s vintage 1976 Chevy Blazer with huge snow tires to work today.  It’s vintage and practical for these snowy conditions.  Also I have private reserved parking at work.  I typically drive my hubby’s cars because the only car I own is a 2016 Audi Q7.  hehe.  My husband is the car aficionado.  We own a ten story car garage on our premises.  My husband collects vintage and modern cars.  He works on them on the first floor of the car garage which is an auto body shop of sorts.  He knows how to work on, fix, repair, and remodel all different kinds of cars and motorcycles.  He collects motorcycles too.  Basically anything with wheels and an engine.

I dropped Frances off at Pre-School at St. Ann’s  before I went to work at this school.  This school doesn’t have pre-k.  St. Ann’s students wear uniforms.  Navy Blue, Green, and Yellow tartan jumpers for the girls and same colors ties for the boys.  And all must wear oxford shirts and blazers.  They look so adorable.  I take photos of all my children and family every morning before I leave the Manor.  I take photos constantly.  I’m a professional photographer.  I studied it at one of my alma maters.  I always have a state of the art camera in my laptop/tablet bag.  My photos have been in galleries here in this town at our Art Gallery,  Susanno Art Gallery, and other galleries around the state.  None of my work is ever for sale though.  I haven’t decided when I’m going to allow them to be available for sale.

My Aunt Romancita is watching our three younger sons at home.  I had set up educational activities in their Study Room last night for them to do while I’m at work.  I also gave her a Children Book for her to read to them as well.  I did breastfeed Leo before I left for work.

I’m having a baby shower next month.  I’m pregnant with twins due on my husband’s birthday, this May.  A boy and a girl.  We’re naming them Emmaline and Michael after my husband and myself.  The baby shower will be held in our English Manor in the spacious Tea Room.  The theme will be Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the event will be catered.  There will also be teas and pastries from our Tea House in town, Merrick Tea House.  The event is semi-formal and yesterday I sent Matt, our personal assistant, to go to the Post Office and mail out about 300 baby shower invitations.  Invitations that Matt and I made ourselves using my Stampin’ Up skills and supplies as well as other card making companies.  I’m a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up.  I’ll set up a demonstration in the summer, after I recover from the pregnancy and such.

I’m a certified Yoga Instructor.  I studied at the Yoga Alliance Academy in India for certification in all forms of Yoga.  I’m also the highest degree in black  belts for Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Aikido.  My hands and legs are lethal.  hehe.

I got my daughter a Blythe Doll yesterday.  It came by delivery.  I’ll show you the doll.


Isn’t she adorable.  My daughter, Frances, loves it.  She said, “Mama, she looks like you.”  hehe.  Only my son Laurence and I have blonde hair.  The rest of the family are brunettes.  Well golden brown are my toddlers…like a dirty blonde but more brown.  It’s because their father is a dark brunette with blue eyes.

I don’t have to see any psych patients today, but I have to go into the city for a few hours to work in one of the non-profit organizations I do work for.  I’ll be home before dinner.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good one.

Love and Light


Emma and Family




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