A Beautiful Day

I actually just woke up a little while ago.  I slept for 16 hours.  I must have been very tired last night.  I did stay up yesterday longer than I should have.  And that explains why towards the end of the evening I was beginning to think irrationally.

Another important bit of advice.  Always get proper rest.  Always sleep at least 8 hours every night if you can.  Your mind can’t function properly without proper sleep.

So that explains my idiotic, irrational thoughts last night.

From now on, I will make sure I sleep properly at the proper time.

Without proper sleep your mind will interpret stimuli irrationally and erroneously.

Having said all that, today is a beautiful day.  I mean weather-wise and such.

Everyone enjoy the rest of the day and have a great evening.

And do get proper sleep as often and always.


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