Blessings to all

Greetings Universe!  Love and Light to all my family and friends and classmates and neighbors and work colleagues and loved ones all throughout the universe.  Many blessings upon you from mi familia.  Te Amo Mucho.

I obtained a number of more websites.  Quite a bunch.  Mainly the names of my beloved family, especially my grandparents on both sides of the family and family that have passed on to another world.  I’m glad to report I own the domain which means my family in Spanish.

If you are blood of my blood and you are friends of my family and all my classmates in every school I graduated from and my family’s in-laws and their girlfriends and boyfriends and my entire town and all my work colleagues and those of my spiritual paths… you are all my family.  Mi Familia.  And you are welcome to my home and I extend my friendship, love, blessings, and good will.

I slept a great deal last night.  I slept over 16 hours.  Before I went to sleep I was grappling with some difficult decisions and problems among mi familia.  So when I woke up I decided that we must not quarrel with one another, but we must work together.  If anything happens to anyone in mi familia then we all suffer.  Each and every one of us.  And I don’t want anyone to suffer.  None of you.  None of us.  Enough time has passed to review who is to blame.  And we’ve done enough of pointing fingers at each other.  So I bury the hatchet.  It is done.  You are all blessed by my family from now on.  You have my love and friendship.

Yes, I was upset with a number of you.  Yet, I understand that you were also upset with me.  So enough time has passed to heal our wounds.  The hatchet has been buried.   It is done.  Now there is love, blessings, and friendship and good will.

I’m giving birth to twins in a few hours or so.  The children will be born in our home.  We have had a room set up that replicates a top notch birthing room in the universe.  A doctor, several nurses, and a midwife are with me.  All the necessary equipment is here.  So far I’m told the birth will be a successful one and they are monitoring me and the twins.

To one of my ancestral homelands, the Philippines.  I was very upset with your leader and your country.  Enough time has passed and I’ve allowed the wounds to heal.  I will not allow them to fester any longer.  You have a conflict going on in an area of your country.  Please allow my country to do their job in your country.  Please extend your friendship, good will, loyalty, and blessings to my country.  In turn, I bless your leader and your entire country.

Mi familia, I love you all.  I bless you all.  I extend my friendship and good will to all of you throughout the universe.

I feel much better now having written all this and saying all this.





P.S.  I’m glad to report that I now own all the websites of my family that have passed on especially my grandparents on both sides of the family.



I will be putting hosting on the sites and by my birthday this summer.

Ciao, baby 🙂

Te Amo Mucho.

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