May 2, 2017

Today is a very special day.

It’s the “official” birthday of my husband, Michael.

And on this particular birthday at the exact time, we welcomed our twins into the world.

Michael and Emmaline.

I traveled a great deal spiritually these past few years.

I’m not what I appear to be.

If you ever need me, mi familia, call for EMMARUTH.

That’s my name.


And I may arrive as a fairy goddess angel and grant you three wishes or I may arrive as an angel of death, depending on what you call me for.


Anyway, the rabbit done died.

Excellent news.

And as a note of warning to my stalkers… stalk me at your personal peril.

*mwah mwah*

Blessings to mi familia.

To my stalkers.. this past fortnight was a warning for you to beware.

There will be 8 websites that will have hosting by my birthday.  So all in all a perfect 10.

For you, my love… a photo of a perfect 10.  Don’t you just love the braids and beads?

Ciao, baby.

And happy birthday and many more to come.

I’m going to rest with our newly born twins.



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