My websites

All these websites will have hosting by my birthday.

  1.  This will be my main blog and it will cover my daily life and interests.
  2.  This will be about a blog between me and my husband, Michael and our 6 children.  It will cover parenting tips, living on a farm, working as a Kindergarten teacher and Psychiatrist and other careers.
  3. La-Dolce-Vita.World This site will cover everything in this universe that makes life the sweet life.  The beautiful life.
  4. MonaLisa.World  This site will cover all the creative arts in the universe since the beginning of time.
  5.  I’m going to turn this site into a health and fitness site.
  6.  This site  will cover all religions and spiritual paths, but mainly my own.
  7. MsMillionairess.World  This site will pay homage to a site that already exists.  It will cover luxurious living throughout the universe since the beginning of time
  8. MiFamilia.World  This site will celebrate families and also be a culinary site.  There will be food recipes on this site as well.
  9. Valeria-Zara-Persephone.World  This site will be a roleplaying site in honor of an RPG I used to play when I was a kid.  I will use rpg writing prompts and art from
  10.  I decided that this site will be a fashion, beauty and makeup and nails and hairstyles blog.
  11.   And that’s all the blogs I will have online.  It covers everything I want to cover and it spiritually protects me and mi familia.  You know who mi familia is.  Many blessings and love to mi familia.
  12. Ciao, Baby.

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