I obtained one more website that I will put hosting on and will be an RPG website based on Anime I watched as a little girl, Voltron and Robotech.


Allura is actually Princess Allura from Voltron.  Her Robotic Lioness is Pink.

Lisa Hayes is a First Lieutenant on the Spaceship “The Macross.”  From the anime series Robotech.

Lynn Minmay is a universal intergalactic famous singer from the series Robotech.

Both Lisa Hayes and Lynn Minmay are vying for the love of the Captain of Macross, Rick Hunter.

I’m going to use writing prompts and artwork from  These are all space-based intergalactic RPGS role-playing.

This will be a fun site to do because it reminds me of my childhood when I was a little girl.  When I was a child my fathers would watch me watch these shows then watch me roleplay by talking to myself or my best friend about these imaginary worlds.  I did this for quite a number of years.  I first started out as Princess Allura and then moved on as Lisa Hayes and Lynn Minmay.

But all do keep in mind that my name is EMMARUTH.

Love and Light



P.S.  I’m still a bit upset with you, Rick Hunter.  lol.  Truly.

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