I obtained 3 more websites. 2 are my personal nicknames.  One of which I could only obtain the .store to, but the real one I was able to get .world.

And this website Dakota-Aphrodite-Rose.World I’m going to put hosting on it too.  So 11 websites altogether.  This site will also be an rpg Role-playing site where I will utilize writing prompts and art from deviantart.com and eventually my own artwork and my own writing prompts.

Dakota is a Warrior and is part Native American Indian and part Giant.  Dakota Is a Native American Indian name.  Truly.  She’s in the temple of Zir.

Aphrodite is an Elven wizard and belongs to the Temple of Love.  Obviously 🙂

Rose is an Elven Druid and belongs to the Temple of Deori.

I don’t play rpgs anymore because dealing with others is too taxing on my soul and spirit.

I’ve always been a solitary witch.  A solitary angel.  A solitary Virgin Angel Queen.

So I’ll have two RPG websites.

The reason why I made these sites is for spiritual reasons.  And the reason why I made Dakota part Native American Indian is because the town I live in and have always lived In is built on top of a Native American Indian Burial Ground.  So spiritually speaking I’ve had experiences with Native American Indians already, especially hearing the beating of their drums.  Truly.  I’m not crazy.  I’m spiritually gifted.  So Dakota is in honor of whichever tribe this town once belonged to.

Aphrodite.  I’m fond of the gods and goddesses of mythology.  And it’s refreshing to be a LOVING entity now and then.  lol.

Rose is a druid  I’ve always wanted to be a Druid and belong to the Temple of Deori.  It’s very difficult to get into that temple or even that guild.  The most difficult temple and guild to get into.  Rose is a perfect name for a Druid.  Druids are nature-based.  And they are healers and bring the dead back to life.  They need to be guarded by Warriors and Monks.  I’m actually really educating myself on Druids.  They still exist.  But don’t try to contact them.  Do so at your own peril.  Truly.

So those are my 2 RPG websites, Fathers.

Valeria-Zara-Persephone.World and


I’ll never play a real RPG ever again because like I said…it’s too taxing on one’s soul spiritually.

Miss you, Fathers.  Say hello to my husband if you’re with him.

Love and Light



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