I obtained one last website for hosting that will bring the final total of websites with hosting by my birthday at 13.  A very lucky number 😛

Estella, Vienna, and Vivienne are the names of three of my first cousins on my father’s side of the family.  They are all married.  One is in Europe, two are here.  The two here have children.  The one in Europe is still quite young.

Anyway, this website will be based on the RPG, EVEONLINE.  The reason I chose that RPG that I never played is because someone used my husband’s name and played that RPG.  He’s not my husband, but perhaps “MY” Husband understands this RPG as well.

This RPG is outerspace, intergalactic.  You get to join federations.  So you have a first and last name.

Estella Gholar

Vienna Noble

Vivienne Williams

The first two, that’s actually their names.  I don’t know Vivienne’s married name.

Anyway, this will be a roleplaying RPG website based on EVEONLINE and I will use artwork from and writing prompts.  Eventually I will use my own artwork and my own writing prompts.  Because I have the talent to do so.

So Magical 13 websites on my birthday.  Perfecto.  Excellente.  Muy bien.

Yo hable espanol porque the rabbits son muy locas.


Es Verdad.

Anyway, much love and blessings to Mi Familia.




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