Greetings Mi Familia!

Greetings Mi Familia.  Much love, light, and blessings to you all.

I want to say that before I went to bed I was upset with Asia.  I don’t know for sure why I was, but I was.  I’m no longer upset with Asia as much and as you all already know Asia is part of Mi Familia.  I have Chinese ancestry and others.

Just don’t abuse my kindness and good will.  That’s what I ask of my entire Mi Familia.   I have British, Irish, Portuguese, Spaniard, Chinese, and Filipino ancestry.  I run the entire spectrum.  I may even have other ancestry I’m unaware of.

So Mi Familia is a large one, considering I have over 52 first cousins.  Truly.  And even more second cousins.

Anyway, my athame arrived today.  It’s gorgeous.  Just love it.

Still waiting for another package to arrive.

Anyway, much love and light and blessings to my entire mi familia.  Love you all.



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