3 more Websites

I’m putting hosting on UnitedEmpireofGalaxies.World (UEG) and Deborah-Claudia-TaraJean.World
So the total will be 20.   That’s all.  By my birthday.
Deborah, Claudia, and Tara Jean are my closest friends and dearest friends.
It’ll be another roleplaying website based on the RPG Terris.  Again I’ll utilize artwork from deviantart.com and writing prompts from various sources.  I’ll also eventually use my own artwork and writing prompts because I have the skills, talents, and abilities to do so.
Deborah is an Elven Shaman and belongs to the Druids Guild.  She’s in the Temple of Deori.
Claudia is also an Elven battlemage and belongs to the Knights Guild.  She’s in the Temple of Honor.
TaraJean is an Elven Shaman and belongs to the Druids Guild.  She’s in the Temple of Deori.
They all are in the Household of Angels.  And they are all Freshmen in Angel University.
I’m not taking any artwork from the actual RPG.  Just roleplaying what I remember.
I will never play an actual RPG ever again because I don’t want to interact with anyone.  It’s too taxing on my soul and spirit.
Valeria is a fighter.  Dakota is a beserker.
Anyway, I’m just using some temple names and race names and guild names.  But not the cities and towns from the RPG.  I know how particular RPGS can be.  This RPG was actually sued several times.
I made Deborah and TaraJean Druids because of their natural psychic abilities.
I made Claudia a battlemage Knight because she has honor.  I have to make a Temple of Honor.  It will have no Immortal.  All new temples I make, Emmaruth will be the Immortal until someone achieves the rank of immortality.  Which won’t be for at least a year or two.
I’m a goddess who wears many hats.  I may also have my husband, Michael fill in for some Temples.
The Land won’t be called Terris.  It will be called Pilgarion.  Legends of Pilgarion.
Pilgarion is the official name of an RPG I started to build using MUD platforms two decades ago.
So it’s based on Terris but I’ll avoid copyright legal issues and trademark legal issues.
So 21 websites altogether.  Great.  You’re legal to drink.  Quaff a few ales, maties 🙂
Pilgarion.world  based on Terris
UnitedEmpireofGalaxies.World based on EVEONLINE
and Deborah-Claudia-TaraJean.World my best friends.
Ciao, baby.
P.S. Tara, I obtained your website TaraJean.World. So you’re spiritually protected by me.

Furthermore, two races that will be included in my RPG is Angel and Demon. If you flunk Angel school, your race turns to Demon. If you pass angel school your race becomes angel and depending on how well you do from there you raise in ranks of types of angels you become.

There will also be Witch Guilds. Different Witch guilds for the different witchcrafts in existence since the beginning of time.

So basically, my Pilgarion RPG will eventually surpass Terris.

I’ll never make an RPG though. I dislike dealing with nutjobs and mostly nutjobs with no lives play rpgs. That’s why Terris hardly has any players. Most of them ended up in the psych ward or committed suicide. Truly.

Don’t let your child play RPGs ever.

What I’m doing is specific, carefully crafted, like an angelic magic witch ritual. Truly.

It’s spiritual protection for mi familia.

Don’t think about going up against me. Many rabbits have already died.

And by the way, don’t try this at home. You’ll end up either in a psych ward or dead. Truly. I’m a trained professional.

Emmaruth and Michael

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