I obtained a number of websites.  Basically the names of my female relatives in my family.






Those are the names of my nieces, aunt, and first cousins on my father’s side of the family.

I obtained the website Antoinette-Jasmine-Victoria.World and I’m going to put hosting on it by my birthday.  So 14 sites altogether.  I’m so excited.

This website will be a roleplaying website based on the RPG Terris.  I’m going to utilize writing prompts and artwork from as well as information on the RPG.  In time I will use my own writing prompts and artwork because I have the talent to do so.

Antoinette is an Elf Battlemage and belongs to the Ranger’s Guild.  She belongs to the Temple of History and the Household of Knowledge and History.

Jasmine is an Elf Monk and belongs to the the Monk’s Guild.  She belongs to the Temple of Light and the Household of the Rose.

Victoria is an Elf thief and belongs to the Assassin’s guild.  She belongs to the Temple of Shadows and the Household Order of the Black Rose.

Valeria belongs to the Household of Angels.

Zara belongs to the Order of the Black Rose.

Persephone belongs to the Household of Angels.

Dakota belongs to the Household of Angels.

Aphrodite belongs to the Household of Angels.

Rose belongs to the Household of Angels.

I would like to take this time to offer my sincere apologies to everyone everywhere whom I may have offended with my words or actions especially if it was unwarranted.  Especially to Latinos, Latinas, and Asians.  Please understand that I felt provoked and under attack.  I thought you were threatening my family’s lives.

But enough time has passed and the danger has passed.  Now I extend my friendship, blessings, and love to all of you everywhere.

Mi familia consists of my family blood of my blood on both sides of the family, our in-laws, our family friends, our girlfriends and boyfriends, our towns, our states or equivalent thereof, our countries, all the schools we graduated from, and our work colleagues.

I have British, Irish, Portuguese, Spaniard, Chinese, and Filipino ancestry.  I also have other ancestry that I’m not aware of.  I will research it one day in the future.  I have over 52 first cousins and even more second and third cousins.  I have family in just about every continent in the entire world.  Truly.  Including Latin America.  You didn’t know that?  My Spaniard surname is the name of a famous city in Chile 🙂

I even have a cousin working in Africa and others working in the Middle East.

So many blessings and love to mi familia throughout the universe, which is huge.

And please do accept my sincere apologies.  I only attack when you threaten the lives of my family members and myself.

Love and Light




La Dolce Vita

Ciao, baby.

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