Battle Stations are Manned, United Empire Fully Secured

My husband Michael and I are the only Immortals in the United Empire of the Universe.  We placed impregnable force-fields around our galaxies and unleashed our Dragons to guard all gateways that are also closed by force-fields.

We have our Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons patrolling the skies in all our galaxies.

We have our wolves guarding my entrance as well as my pet Dragons.

We set up shark traps everywhere.

In other words, no intruders will be entering our airspace any time soon.

If you touch our force-field you instantaneously disintegrate into nothing.  Anything that touches our force-fields will instantaneously combust and disintegrate.

It’s Star Wars today.

Your wars must be taking place in other galaxies we haven’t conquered yet.

Because you’d be fools to try to touch our United Empire of Galaxies in the Universe.

May the force be with you, Jedis.

But you’re barred from my Empire.

We’ll enjoy watching the fireworks from the comfort of our palatial homes in our extremely secured borders.

Ciao, baby.

Ahh, the sweet life.

My Eagles took down a bunch of pigeons this morning.

Life is grand.

La Dolce Vita


Emmaruth and Michael

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