So I will have 18 sites with hosting by my birthday.

I also obtained the website TheImmortals.World.

Mi Familia will all be Immortals eventually after you finish Angel University and do Angel Work.

I’m already an Immortal.  I’m Immortalita.World.  Emmaruth is an Immortal Queen Virgin Angel.

TheImmortals will consist of Heroes, Heroines, and Immortals among Mi Familia.

So far there is only one Immortal.  Emmaruth.  It’s my world.  Emmaruth.World

In time others from mi familia will become immortals in my world and I will place them on TheImmortals.World website.

I will utilize artwork from and writing prompts from various sources for the website TheImmortals.World.

Mi Familia consists of all my family blood of my blood from both sides of the family, our in-laws, our family friends, our towns, our states and equivalents thereof, our countries, all the schools we graduated from and our work colleagues.

In other words my closest friends throughout my life will be the first inducted to my storylines in all 5 rpg Websites and attend the AngelUniversity.World website and belong to the HouseholdofAngels.World website.

It will be about six months before anyone becomes a Hero or Heroine and even longer before anyone becomes an Immortal.

I’m the Immortal of Virgin Angel Warrior Queens.  I have no followers or acolytes.  My temple is closed to all.  Only my real children belong to my temple.

So the magical number is 18.  Perfect.  You’re legal at the age of 18 in this country.  And a girl has her Debutante debut at 18.


I’ve covered all bases.

Angels.  Check.

Immortals.  Check.

Household of Angels. Check.

Angel University.  Check.

Any rabbits caught using my name JPavino or Valeria, Zara, or Persephone will end up either institutionalized dating Roger Rabbit or dead or in jail.

That is all.

I’m the Original.

And never ever cross me again.

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