I obtained another website, UnitedEmpire.World.

It’s the name of my Intergalactic Empire in the Universe.

Terris is just one land on one planet in the Universe.

I’m an Immortal of the UnitedEmpire.World which spans galaxies in the entire Universe.

My Husband, Michael, is also an Immortal and Archangel.  He’s also an Immortal of War in the UnitedEmpire.World.  He’s an Archangel Immortal of War throughout our UnitedEmpire.World.

My parents and brothers are still in angel school.  My brother is in undergrad. My parents are in PhD programs.

So there you have it.

Angels. Check.

Household of Angels. Check.

University of Angels. Check.

The Immortals.  Check.

United Empire.  Check.

I’m not putting hosting on UnitedEmpire.World just yet.  Just know my husband and I own an Intergalactic Empire.

Ciao,  baby )

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