I will have a total of 25 sites with hosting by my birthday.

I just obtained the last site: Angelica-Patricia-Mikaelle.World

This will be another roleplaying site based on my RPG Pilgarion.

Angelica is a Mexican Hobbit in the Assassin’s Guild and the Temple of Death.

Patricia is a Colombian/Indian from India/Filipina Hobbit in the Temple of Death and the Assassin’s Guild.

Mikaelle is a Haitian Hobbit and belongs to the Assassin’s Guild and the Temple of Death.

Of course they’ll be in the HH of Angels and the Angel University. As FALLEN ANGELS. Fallen Angels exist in my rpg.

Angelica, Patricia, and Mikaelle are really classmates of mine. Angelica is truly pure Mexican. There were 3 Patricias in my HS class: A Colombian, an Indian from India, and Filipina. Mikaelle is truly Haitian but her name is really spelt Michael and pronounced MEE-KAI-YELL.

In light of what you insane, criminal cults attempted to do to me with a death spell I made this site. Don’t you black, Latina, and Asian rabbits try that sh*t with me ever again. You don’t know who the f*ck I am.

*setting up killer rabbit traps with her hunting wolves*
*setting up shark traps*
*releasing her hungry falcons, hawks, and eagles*
*placing security everywhere*
*unleashing her Dragons*


The rabbits are going to die. Many already have.

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