My RPGS and Journals

For the RPG United Empire of Galaxies (UEG) everyone will go by their first name as well. If there is someone with the same name as you I’ll also include your middle name or your last name will be an initial like Joe S. or Alexis Anne.

The reason why I’m doing it that way is to protect your identities better and also if you are spiritually adept then you know it’s your first birth name that matters above all else.

So I’m going to sleep now. When I awake I’m going to drop by the store for something. Then I’m going to go online for just about an hour or even less to print out images I want to paste into my 15 journals. Then I’m going to write in 15 different paper journals.

Then I’ll go back online and do my usual thing 🙂

Much love and blessings to mi familia.

Te Amo Mucho.

Mahal Kita.


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