United Empire of Galaxies RPG

I’ve decided this morning that all my RPG sites will belong both to Pilgarion.World RPG and UnitedEmpireofGalaxies.World RPG. In other words, the family members and classmates and best friends I made RPG sites for will be roleplaying in both RPGS. So each one will get two posts a day based on both RPGS. This also protects and guides them spiritually. I have to research EVEONLINE more to better understand how it is. Of course I will avoid copyright and trademark infringement and make both my RPGS uniquely my own. Terris and EVEONLINE are just the two RPGS that I’m using as tools to create my own unique worlds similar to theirs.

I’ll do more research and work on these RPGS next month since they won’t debut until my birthday the following month.

I want mi familia to know that for the last several years I was battling like a hardened warrior. And I want them to know that I did it for love and honor.

Physically, I’m battle scarred. Spiritually I am stable and doing well.

I’ll be in optimum physical levels in a year.

Some battles were extremely fierce and difficult. Extremely.

But all is well now.

Love and Honor won.


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