35 Websites

I obtained a few more websites. Ok the magic number is going to be 35.

I’m happy to report I got the domains of my daughters, Frances and Emmaline. Frances.World and Emmaline.World

The 4 websites that will have hosting:

The first 2 websites those characters are all Immortals in both RPGS.
The last 2 websites are my first cousins. Melydith, Leslie, Lisbeth, Armie, and Emy are all Wizards in the Wizard’s Guild and in the Temple of Honor. Of course they are in the HH of Angels and Angel University. And of course they belong to both RPGS.

Emmaline is my daughter and is an Immortal in both RPGS.

I also own some of my cousins’ .world names.

This is a way of spiritually protecting members of mi familia.

35 is really the final number. That’s more than enough.


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