37th website. Dragons of Angels . World

I own Dragons. They protect me. They guard me. They are magical creatures. Intelligent creatures. They are the pets of Immortals.

This will be a tertiary RPG to Pilgarion and UEG.

Dragons can’t be purchased in any of my RPGS. They can only be given as gifts by an Immortal. And the only adult Immortals in all my RPGS are Emmaruth (me) and Michael (My Husband).

This website will be sort of like that movie How to train your Dragon.

The posts will revolve around Emmaruth and Michael and their Dragons and raising of Dragons.

Sometimes to punish a city, I send one of my Dragons to burn it down.

I have water dragons too. I can send a water dragon to flood a city as well.

I own all elemental dragons. Fire, Air, Water, Earth.

There are bad dragons and we place them in caves where the citizens go as a group to try to kill them. It’s a very difficult task to do.

So that’s all.


P.S. Don’t think of messing with me unless you can handle a legion of magical dragons.

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