This is the final website that will have hosting by my birthday. So that makes 36 websites. WOWZERS.

Saving up for the hosting starting now.

Kapamilya means family in Tagalog. It’s similar to Mi Familia.

I have many ancestries including British, Irish, Spaniard, Portuguese, Chinese, and especially Filipino.

I am fluent in many languages, especially my mother’s native tongue and my father’s native tongue.

This website will celebrate Filipino heritage and the Philippines. Comments will be turned off. It’s not an interactive site. I don’t like talking to commentators.

You are part of my Kapamilya if you are blood of my blood on my mother’s side of the family and blood of my blood on my father’s side of the family. Our in-laws. Our family friends. Their boyfriends and girlfriends. All our classmates from all the schools we graduated from. Our work colleagues. Our neighbors who are our friends. And the towns where my parents grew up and lived in when they were in the Philippines.

Just a note of warning to you all out there: Be careful when you speak in a different language in front of me. Chances are I’m going to understand you fluently. And if you talk badly about my Kapamilya I’m going to curse you out and tell you off that you’ll be so ashamed to ever show your face around my Kapamilya ever again.


I’m no rabbit, niggas.

I trap rabbits, roast them, and sell them as food to SHARKS.


Ok, I’m going back to work.

Saw a bad omen. Got to work through the bad mojo I just saw.

Apparently there’s a big Rabbit that’s going to get caught.

Also, the language I’m most fluent in and speak the best is American English. I was in Honors English my entire life throughout all my years of schooling. I scored a perfect 5 on my AP English Exam. I did well in my High School William Shakespeare Oratory Contests.

So If you want to be a real American learn the lingua franca: American English.
And learn American Civics. Education doesn’t end after you graduate from school. You’re supposed to be a student for life and a teacher in the areas you mastered regardless of your career path.

Later, Rabbits.

Some Big Rabbit is about done and is gonna be taken down by sharks.

Ya heard it here.


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