So I’m going to have 40 websites with hosting in total. I decided that I would put hosting on one website per day starting on my birthday. The first site will be Emmaruth.World. Then the next day will be Kapamilya.World, etc.

I’m doing it that way so my banks don’t think I’m going on a manic spree. lol.

Anyway, I obtained a few more websites, two of which will have hosting.

Ridgewood.World and Eduardo-Dennis-Martin.World

Ridgewood is my hometown where I have been my entire life except when I’m traveling. This site will showcase photos taken by me of this town all over with personal vignettes from me. This is a very old, historical town. I will also go to my local public library and get books on this town and post what I fid there too. So this will be a fun site to do because I get to celebrate a place I love dearly and take a trip down memory lane.

Eduardo, Dennis, and Martin are all my male first cousins and this will be an RPG website. They will belong to my 3 RPGS Pilgarion, United Empire of Galaxies, and Dragons of Angels.
Eduardo will be a human fighter and belong to the Knight’s Guild and the Temple of Fate.
Dennis will be an Elven Fighter and belong to the Knight’s Guild and the Temple of Honor.
Martin will be an Elven Fighter and belong to the Warrior’s Guild and the Temple of War.
Of course they’ll be in the HH of Angels and attend Angel University.

So what’s new in the world? South Korea has a new President. We discovered an ape-human cousin who had interesting habits, the weather here is much cooler than it should be, and I love yellow roses.

Here’s a bouquet of yellow roses for y’all.

“The meaning of a yellow rose stands for joy and happiness, but most of all yellow roses mean friendship. And the meaning of yellow roses are very special because it’s associated with true friendship.”

My husband and I started off as friends first. Friendship is the foundation of a beautiful romance.


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