My Web Emporium

I’m going to have close to 60 sites with hosting by the end of the year.

I obtained sites that will cover weddings, travel, children, food and recipes, architecture, arts & crafts, fashion, make-up, and beauty, and vegan lifestyles.

It’s going to keep me busy for some time.

I decided on using binder notebooks for my journals. In that way I can print out pages I want to use and write on. Pretty nifty, eh? And of course I’m printing out and cutting images to be glued into my journals.

I ordered a bunch of new items to add to my war arsenal.

I’m doing just ok. I survived the onslaught and saved myself and my kapamilya and mi familia in the process.

I’m doing great. La Dolce Vita.

So after I’m done with some stuff online, I’ll begin my binder journals, bible journals, etc.

I’m going back to school next fall of 2018. My parents are buying me a brand new 40 grand sports car 🙂

That’s all.


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