Website Emporium Part Deux

I obtained 2 more websites: New-York-City.World and New-York-State.World
I’ll eventually put hosting on both sites and they’ll showcase everything about New York State and NYC.

I obtained a number of sites that will cover just about every major topic on the web.

As you can see, I like to journal and discover new vistas and that’s what these websites allow me to do.

I spend most of my free time on pinterest and twitter. Technology can have its perks.

Anyway, my Kapamilya and Mi Familia you are very much loved and protected by me. We made it through the worst storm yet and we survived. I’m quite pleased about that.

Happy Birthday to my six year old niece, Mia. I love you, baby girl.

A lot of items I ordered arrived today. I have to clean my work studio to rearrange these new items.

I should be paper journaling starting in a week or two, but I will always journal online. It’s just that typically comments are turned off.

Anyway, everyone enjoy the rest of your day.


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