The Mexican Prostitute was gunned down

Hey Mexican dumb fuck, you’re dead.


You died because you stayed with a dog that cheated on you numerous times with many beautiful women.

Oh, and stealing my identity and pretending to be me, Emmaruth, so you can have access to my trust fund money. Keep the small change, dead motherfucker.

Quite soon I’ll have a trust fund at least 60 times that amount.


You’re ugly, stupid, unloved, a criminal, a junior high dropout, you don’t understand English and what more is they shot you in the head and you’re now fucking dead.


And I’m getting a huge reward for taking a felon like you out.

I didn’t shoot her.

God did.


Who won the world?

Who single-handedly destroy Michelle’s operations?


Who is the angel?


Buh, bye, Michelle, ma belle. You stupid dumb cheating lying dishonorable piece of shit.

Later Losers.


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