Future Plans

So just about everything I ordered has arrived already. I’m waiting for one item to be redelivered and another item I just ordered today.

I’m getting a new computer in two months. I’m going to spend a grand on one and put all special adobe programs for mixed media art on it as well as the best security system on it. I keep getting hacked by who knows who.

I’m going to start writing in my paper journals soon as well as start reading about 40 to 50 non-fiction books. I’m going to start watching American shows and movies again soon.

Next fall I’m going back to school for fine art, mixed media art, photography, fashion design, psychology, religion, education, nursing, history, computer science, Chinese, and French. Then Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew.

I’ll be in school for some time. After I’m done with my studies I’m going to start new careers. I work now, but after my studies I’m going to start new careers.

After two years of working I’m going to buy an expensive house and rent this current house. Then a few years after that I’m going to buy a lake house and a boat. All in my home state.

Psychologically I’m doing well. Mentally I’m strong. Physically I’m doing much better. I’m starting to gain my weight back slowly. Within a year I’ll be in excellent health all around.

I’m going to study to be a Yoga Instructor next year. Get my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Judo. Take up Knitting, Crocheting, Amigurumi, Quilting, Quilling and all Arts & Crafts. I’ll invest in Stampin’ Up and Cuttlebug and Cricut and the like. I’ll become an expert demonstrator in ten years.

So that’s my ten year plan.

I have no interest in dating or starting a family. Nor will I ever.

I plan to take care of my parents and brother and travel the entire world.

I’m getting a free brand new 40K car this fall from my parents.

I plan to take a road trip to the New England area next year as well as travel to Australia.

And I have two Sayomed dogs, Michael and Jon. And a large Aquarium.

La Dolce Vita.

Life is sweet 🙂


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