Succesfully Secured my father

I battled you all for the past few weeks and I prevented you from making my father a sacrificial lamb. I successfully uncovered your plots and systematic set-up.

I’m on a new laptop now that can’t be hacked. I’m back in business. I destroyed all my enemies. You fucking motherfuckers. Go fuck yourselves.

I’m a Warrior Angel and I fought and won.

My father is safe and secure as well as my mother and brother.

You motherfuckers every try that shit with me again, I’ll figuratively put a bullet in each of your worthless, braindead heads.

Can’t touch this.

Go fuck yourselves.

I destroyed you motherfuckers.

Fuck you motherfucking rabbits. Go fuck yourselves.

This is my show. Get the fuck out loser motherfuckers.

I’m back in business and I will not get derailed.

Fuck with me at your own peril. I’ll put my German Knife figuratively speaking in your throats.

Go fuck yourselves.

I’m in control. You no longer have control or access.

Fuck yourselves, losers.


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