It’s just Wednesday and I’m tired

I’ve got my brand new laptop with ultimate security. I have support assist with Dell who kindly help me set up my PC to be running at optimum level. No one has tried to hack my laptop because they are unable to. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I spent over a grand on this new laptop and it’s an excellent model with a lot of memory. I was just Pinteresting this evening, uninterrupted by cats trying to use my feed as their own. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

And they’re unable to connect to my twitter account because I have a new phone number. Tomorrow I’m getting a new medium priced pay as you go phone by AT&T whose number I’m going to use to link all my social media sites that need a phone.

So you stupid cats and rabbits, you no longer have access to my pinterest or twitter accounts. So long, farwell, stay out of Dodge. HAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA

I can use any social media site I want with ease. Excellent.

I wrote a letter to pinterest stating that others were logging in using my feed. Pinterest has been on top of it. Excellent.

So long hangers oners and dead rabbits and cats. You can’t hack my computer or any of my accounts especially starting tomorrow when I get my new phone. This is just a secondary line because hackers hacked my Apple IPhone.

It’s inexpensive with unlimited texts, which is all I need.

It’s wonderful working with a fully operational, non-hacked laptop and online experience. Absolutely thrilling.

While Dell Support Assist was setting up my computer and making it work at optimum speed and impregnable security, I cleaned my room.

All my many books are in order as well as my journals. I’ll be starting the journals on my birthday. I have coloring bible journals as well.

I ordered a few more items from Amazon, but will refrain for most of the month. I’m going to use my Kindle for fiction and some non-fiction books.

Well I’m either going to walk the red carpet on the vanquished bones and blood of my enemies or I’m going to become an artist, psychologist, and psychiatric nurse, and Kindergarten teacher.

My nationality is American, New Yorker to be specific. And my ethnicity is Spaniard/Portuguese/Irish/Chinese/Filipino.

On my birthday I’m launching Emmaruth.World and then the next day Kapamilya.World and La-Dolce-Vita.World.

Thank you, Erma Santos for reading and liking my posts. Tomorrow I’ll read your blog and comment there 🙂

So I’m back at optimum form and no one can hack me or use me. Excellent.

I do excellent work.

For the last few weeks, hackers were trying to brainwash me and stop me from using my social media sites, including this one.

Now, they’re dead ghosts who can’t touch me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

I can pin to my heart’s desire and not be impeded or stopped by jealous hackers.

By the way, you motherfuckers can kiss my impregnable ass.


You lose and I win.


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