I’m totally secured and impregnable

My new phone actually arrived today. I set it up and put the social media accounts associated with my old number, I replaced with my new impregnable, unhackable new phone.

So my hackers won’t be able to log into any of my accounts.

Tomorrow I’ll work on my other social media sites and change their passwords and phone numbers.

I have lifelock now, so no one can impersonate me. I have the premium package which will insure me for a million dollars.

I’m the original Emmaruth, you now dead rabbits. The rest of you brain dead rabbits figure it out pronto. Or you’re dead.

Everyone copies my every move and action. They want everything I own.

No way Jose.

My belongings belong to my four 6 year old nieces.

I’m feeling great. My laptop can’t be hacked and neither can my accounts.

Later Losers. I put an end to your rabbit/cat stalking days.

I’m going to start my paper journals and grimolre on my birthday. And launching Emmaruth,world Kapamilya,world and la-dolce-vita.world.

In August I may get my brother an inexpensive laptop. We’ll see. He has free access to my father’s laptop. My laptop is expensive.

I can concentrate better and function normal.

Victory is sweet.

The hackers are destroyed 🙂

I’m getting a one grand to two grand Canon camera in August. Then I’ll launch Ridgewood.World and New-York-City World.

When I get my new car in the Fall I’m launching New-York-State.World

I’m also subscribing to Adobe photoshop programs in September. And then I’m purchasing more oil paint and canvas.

Setting up my art portfolio.

I’ll be studying the creative arts, psychology, psychiatric nursing, education, religion, history, computer engineering, biochemik\sstry, Chinese and French. After I mastered those languages I’m going to learn Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic. I will also revive my Spanish and Tagalog and Bisaya,

I’m going to get my license from pre-school to grade 12, but I plan to only teach kindergartens. I’ll be a licensed Psychologist/Psychotherapist Psychiatric Nurse and a college professor.

In the fall when I get my car I’m investing in all arts and crafts supplies. Some of my journals will be art journals.

I’m taking karate, judo, tae-kwon do starting this January. And taking formal lessons in guitar. Yes, I’m buying myself my own guitar so I don’t have to use my fathers’ guitars. I’m also taking advanced lessons in piano, dance, and adult ballet.

I’m going to learn how to be a master knitter, crochet, quilting, sewing, embroidery, quilting, and quilling.

My door has a lock on it so no one is able to enter.

Later losers.

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