La Dolce Vita

Life is sweet. I’ve secured every facet of my identity by signing up for lifelock and getting a new unhacked phone to use for social media sites. Life is beautiful.

I can sign into any social media site I want without hackers interfering. I can do anything online that is within the law and not be tracked or hacked by jealous hackers. Life is beautiful.

Pinterest took my support request seriously and is monitoring my account vigilantly. You cats and rabbits can’t stalk and follow me anymore. And you don’t have access to my twitter either.

I’m going to start my journals and reading of about 50 non-fiction books by my birthday. On my birthday I’m putting hosting on and then and

Then in August or September I’m getting an expensive camera to take photos around my town and New York State. Then I’ll put hosting on, New-York-City.World and New-York-State.World

I’m on the path to be a Master Artist/Artisan, Kindergarten Teacher, Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurse, and Professor of several disciplines. I’m going to be a yoga, ballet, and dance instructor. I’ll have my black belt in Karate, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do. This is my ten year plan. I’ll actually be licensed to teach from Pre-K through 12, but I will choose to be a kindergarten teacher. I may even become a licensed ESL teacher and teach adults English. I’m going to get involved in several charitable organizations such as one for Creative Arts Program for underprivileged youth, and for disabled veterans, and cancer research.

So I’m stoked that I have an excellent computer that no one can hack and no one can get into any of my accounts. Life is sweet.

La Dolce Vita



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