Progress Made

So my new secondary phone arrived two days ago. I use that phone for just my social media sites, because they hacked my IPhone. Next month I’m getting an Apple IPad and Apple Watch and another Fitbit.

I ordered a new lock for my door. I’ll have a lock on my door by this Wednesday so now no one can ever enter my room and take my belongings. I already donate to charities. My room isn’t a Department Store.

in September I’m spending up to 2 grand on an expensive camera to work on my photography portfolio as well as getting new oil paints and canvasses to work on my fine arts portfolio. I’ll also be subscribing to adobe photoworks online to work on my mixed media portfolio and fashion design portfolio.

I’m also going back to school for Psychology, Religion, History, Education, Psychiatric Nursing, English Literature, Art History, Mathematics, Biochemistry, and Computer Engineering. The languages I’ll be studying are Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Persian, German, Hindi, and Hebrew.

I’ll be in school for quite some time. I plan to be a Kindergarten Teacher and Psychologist/Psychiatric Nurse, and Professor after I’m done with my studies.

This January I’m taking up Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo and become a black belt. I’m also going to study to be a Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. I’m also taking up adult ballet and dance. I’m also taking lessons in classical piano and guitar again.

For exercise I’ll be working our treadmill as well as strength training and abs workouts.

I’m getting my brand new free 40K car in a few months. That will help me get around a bit better. And I’m taking road trips.

I don’t want to date because I think romance is silly and most men are blood-sucking vampires. I’m glad that my immediate family is doing well and are in superb health. I protect my immediate family.

On my birthday I’m putting hosting on Emmaruth.World. Then later Kapamilya.World and La-Dolce-Vita.World.

I’m getting all my arts & crafts products this fall. Cricut, Sizzlebug, Stampin’ Up. As well as knitting, crocheting, quilting, and quilling supplies.

I plan to be an arts & crafts master as well.

This is my ten year plan. I will also invest more in my stock and investment portfolios.

I’m glad I’m getting a dead-bolt lock for my door by this next Wednesday. Now no one may enter.

I have over fifty non-fiction books to read and 16 paper journals to start on my birthday.

I’m a very busy woman.

As for my idiot rabbits who wanted to be EMMARUTH, I vanquished you all. I’m the one and only and ORIGINAL.

There’s calm and peace in my life now because I defeated many enemies.

This Warrior Angel is Victorious!


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