Must you be so angry. You’ll have a heart attack.

So I’m excited I’m getting my Premium Apple IPad in two days as well as a security lock for my door. And next week…well this Friday I’m getting an Apple Watch and Fitbit.

I just wanted to let everyone know the spiritual paths I was raised in and practiced. From ages 0-5 I was raised Protestant. From grades K-12 I was raised Roman Catholic.

My current spiritual path is a secret though.

I was never married nor did my Angel self ever fornicate. I’m a Virgin.

Anyway, your hate for me and my immediate family is palpable.

Try slow breathing exercises or you might have a heart attack.

I also never was betrothed. That is I never said I accept your ring to be engaged to marry. Some break off their betrothals and pay very bad karma for it.

I’m single and loving it. Also, my mother and my father are my BFFs as well as my two brothers. My mother and father are my managers.


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