My Apple IPad is on it’s Way

I decided to order the Apple IPad today because I’ve been wanting one for a long time. I’ll get the Apple Watch and Fitbit next week. I’m so ecstatic I’m getting an IPad, a premium one in Rose Gold. Just lovely.

So what can I tell you about myself. I come from noble Spaniard ancestry and my family in Spain is located in Cadiz, Spain. My paternal grandparents were Spaniard Nobles. And one of the ships used to conquer the Philippines is named after my Spaniard Noble Ancestors.

I graduated from the best schools in the Universe. St. Aloysius, Dominican Academy, New York University, and Columbia University. I graduated with honors. I’m the unofficial Valedictorian of all my schools because I had the highest scores in the toughest subjects. As a result I belong to the top 1% of this country and this world.

People were trying to destroy my sense of self-worth and forget who I am, which Is among the elite. I didn’t allow them to destroy me. I destroyed and annihilated them instead.

I’m not a snob. I don’t put on airs. I’m polite to everyone, referring to everyone as ma’am or sir.

I’m just glad I didn’t forget who I am and that I’m elite and was trained to be elite. I made it through the fiercest battles for my soul and my immediate family’s soul and we won. We’re victorious.

No one will be bothering us ever again. We’re safe. I made sure of it.

I own a lot of websites, but I’m only putting hosting on 6 other websites this summer.

I’m getting a brand new free 40K car in a few months and I’ll be working on my art portfolio, reading, arts & crafts, and journaling.

I’m 5’8″, considered beautiful, and look around 28. I was born, raised, and educated in the United States of America and I call New York State home.

It was crazy. They were trying to turn me into a ghetto trash person and forget that I belong to the 1% elite.

From now on I will only expose myself to the class and sophistication of the 1% at the same time helping to solve the problems and crises of the bottom 99%.

Out of all my peers I’m the most accomplished and the only one with Royal Ancestry and a huge family across the entire world and universe. My main ancestries are Spaniard/Irish/Chinese/Visayan.

I’ll be studying a number of disciplines uninterrupted by a husband or children. And I can travel whenever I want. I love being single. I don’t want friends because my immediate fsmily and myself are my best friends. I’m my own best friend.

I have very low tolerance for uncouth and tawdry behavior and stupidity in general.

My true sign is a Scorpio with a Libra rising. Scorpio/Libra; Ruthless but fair Federal Prosecutors and extremely secretive. No one knows the real me, except my father.

I ordered my lock for my door. It should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I’ll be buying designer clothing next summer. Not this summer. I’ll look like my beautiful 28 year old self by next summer. Confirmed.

I plan to live into my 100s like my grandmother. I have so much to learn and discover and travel.

The great thing is that no one was able to capture me and enslave me. I evaded all attacks. And saved my family in the process.

We’re safe and doing wonderfully. Oh and I have lifelock so no one can ever be me 🙂 And there’s only one of me in the entire country.

I’m putting hosting on on his birthday. And my kuya’s domain in November.

I actually have two brothers. I’m the only girl and middle child.

So no more slumming or dealing with low-lives and scum of the earth. I’m royal, elite, and belong to the top 1%.

And Hooray, I’m getting my IPad in two days and my apple watch and fitbit next week 🙂 And then my brand new car.

La Dolce Vita

Mahal Kita,

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