My Kapamilya

I don’t know if my Kapamilya found all my blogs around the net. My main one is private.

Anyway, as much as I love my nieces and nephews, they are not included in my will or my parents’. Everything goes to my brother. will be about celebrating the rich history and culture of the Philippines and Filipinos around the world in our huge diaspora.

My lock for my door will be here by either Tuesday or Wednesday. My Apple IPad, Rose Gold, Premium will arrive around the same time too. I don’t even know why I need a tablet when I like using my laptop. I guess I’ll use my IPAD when I’m in school again or something.

I need the fitbit for working out. And I need the apple watch to keep up with the Joneses. lol.

I’m getting a very expensive camera. Nearly 2 grand. A Canon. Then I’ll travel my town and New York City and take photos.

I feel rather content with myself that I vanquished all enemies and that they’re all dead.

I don’t really care if Latinos don’t like me. I’m a Spaniard noble and my ancestors conquered your countries. So your animosity is understandable.

A little over than a year from now I’ll be beautiful and youthful once again, dressed in designer clothing, shoes, and bags, driving my 40K car to school. My school has student parking.

I hope no one tries to befriend me. I don’t want friends. There’s only two friends worth talking to and I don’t know if I’ll ever talk to them again.

I don’t want a boyfriend unless you’re a true Royal like I am and were educated in the best schools like I was.

Next year I’m traveling to New England for two weeks. I travel alone. I was also going to travel to Australia but I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford to. I might travel to Australia during winter break of the following year.

Then I plan to travel to Brazil and Belize.

I plan to travel the entire world in my lifetime since I’m going to live into my 100s. I’m in excellent health.

Dude, I was under some dark black magic spell for a long time and it’s only recently did I defeat it and overcome it. It was sick, twisted, and maddening. I’m so glad it didn’t kill me. The point of it was to get me killed. Or my brother and father killed. I saved their asses with my Warrior Angel abilities.

All the crazy Latinas are dead and can’t bother me anymore or try to be me, Emmaruth Concepcion or Emma Merrick. I’ve got lifelock that secures my identity for up to a million dollars. There’s only one Emmaruth Concepcion and one Emmaruth Merrick in all of this country and that’s me.

I’ll be working out on the treadmill starting this January when I start takin all my extra-curricular activities.

I’m getting an expensive designer bag. I’ve decided the first one I’m going to get is a Gucci bag and a Michael Kors bag. I’ll do that in October.

So there will be an impregnable lock on my door and no one will be able to enter my room and take my items ever again.

And when I purchase my house in Long Island I’m going to own four firearms. I won’t ever conceal and carry though.

So I made it through the madness and spiritual warfare and we won.

My family is safe and so is our country.


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