My Royal Heraldy

My family has several family crests which hang over our mantelpiece in the main dining room.

Here they are:

Our Mausoleum in the best cemetery in NY state has these crests engraved in the front

These are our official family crests. We have another I’ll showcase another time.

Like I said, I belong to the top 1% of the world. And if you read my posts you would realize that.

I’m not Latina. I’m Spaniard from Spain in Europe. And I’m Irish, Chinese, and Visayan.

I’m the best educated out of my entire Kapamilya and the most highly trained. And my brother and I are the truest Americans out of my entire Kapamilya. Both my brother and I were Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. My father was one of my brother’s troop leaders.

In ten years I will have everything I’m working for with my own talent, skills, intelligence, and abilities. I look forward on embarking on a journey to ultimate success and a job well done.

My family and I are never leaving New York state or selling this 1 Million dollar house. We also own two other homes. One is a beach house. And we own several hectares of land.

We’re well-to-do and don’t need government hand-outs, but you could give us a break on our taxes. hehe.

Mahal Kita,

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