More Purchases

In two days I’m purchasing an apple Iwatch and a fitbit. Excellent. My expensive flat screen TV will also arrive in two days. Unfortunately, the lock to my door won’t arrive until next Monday, Wednesday the latest.

I walk with confidence and an air of I dare you to fuck with me and watch what happens to you. I tolerate no one’s bullshit.

I’m Spaniard/Irish/Chinese/Visayan. I am not Latina and I’m not Asian. I’m a unique mix. For all intensive purposes I’m American. Period.

If the millennials want my good will towards them then they will cease and desist their criminal behavior. For now, many of you are on my shit list for harassing and targeting older generations. I will behead many for that. MANY.

I destroyed and annihilated all your cults. I won every single spiritual battle. I’m a victorious Virgin Warrior Angel.

I don’t want friends because they are needy fucks.

I don’t want a boyfriend or husband because they are even needier fucks.

In the future I will acquire two Sayomed dogs. And they’ll be the only needy fucks I take care of because they will be trained to kill intruders and criminals.

I take care of my immediate family. My mother, my father, and my two brothers. We rise together as a family. Together as always. My mother and father are our managers. We will always be together and we will reunite with my older brother, S.

My immediate family as a unit have paid their dues to society, their families, their community, and their country. We did it together. We didn’t ask for thank yous or I owe yous. Just learn from our example and pay it forward.

My immediate family will either walk the red carpet or I will embark on my 10 to 15 year plan.

A year from now I will be young and beautiful again and look 28. And then I will maintain my youth into my 100s, like my paternal grandmother.

Do not dare hack my computer or accounts again because I will immediately report any mischief or criminal activity.

I don’t fornicate. That’s for dogs. Apparently there are many dogs.

I’m an angel. A Virgin Warrior Angel.

the Original

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