Progress Made

So My Premium Rose Gold IPad is on it’s way with data and sim card. Excellent. Also I got cable… Direct TV…for an awesome price with all the channels. I ordered a flat screen TV and extension cords that will be arriving tomorrow. I will now have a TV and cable in my own room. Hip Hip Hooray. I can watch the TV on my IPAD and IPhone as well. Excellent. I decided to get the cable with all the channels because the price was incredible. I couldn’t pass up the offer. They’re coming to install the Direct TV Friday. I’ll have to clear my room and make room for my TV. I know where I’m putting it. The annoying thing is that my door lock won’t arrive until next week which sucks. I wanted it earlier and this week. They have it scheduled for next Monday through Wednesday. Arrgh.

So I’ll be watching TV and movies again on my brand new flat screen TV.

I’m getting the apple watch and fitbit on Friday.

I’ll get a DVD player next month.

And I’m getting my brand new free car in a few months. Yipee.

So I’m happy with the progress I made.

And no one is using my accounts. All stalkers and rabbits have been banned. Excellent.

I’m going to clean my room tomorrow and make room for the TV and cable box.

I didn’t spend a lot of money. All within my budget.

La Dolce Vita.

Life is sweet 😛

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