Ready to Purchase on Wednesday or Tomorrow

My apple Iwatch is picked out and my fitbit tracker. All set. I’ll probably be able to purchase them tomorrow as soon as my check clears. Hip Hip Hooray.

What I’m really excited is the all channels Direct TV cable I’m getting on Friday. I finally have my own TV after nearly a decade. We have three TVs in the house, but one is for my mother, the other is for my father, and the other is in my parents locked bedroom. So I’m unable to watch what I want because my parents hog the television. They use Verizon. I have Direct TV because I’m not a Verizon customer. I’m an AT&T customer. I’m an AT&T customer and Microsoft customer. My father is a Verizon customer and a Dell customer. We’re different.

I’m not too fond of Verizon. I prefer AT&T.


And next month I put hosting on Emmaruth.World and Kapamilya.World and La-Dolce-Vita.World.

That’s all.


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