Making Progress

My IPad should arrive today or Friday. My expensive flat screen arrived today. But the extension cords don’t arrive until Friday. My apple watch and fitbit should arrive on Monday. I have my appointment to install the Premier ALL Channels Direct TV on Monday as well.

I’m going to clean my room either Friday or Saturday and hopefully my father will install my doorknob lock this weekend.

I’m getting an X-Box, PlayStation, and WII in the middle of next month. I’m putting hosting on just Emmaruth.World on my birthday. I’ll put hosting on and in August.

And then in September I’m purchasing an expensive Canon camera for nearly 2 grand. Then in October I’m purchasing an expensive camcorder. Then in November I’m getting my brand new 40k car. And then I’m going to invest in arts & crafts supplies like cuttlebug and cricut and the like.

I’m glad to report that my immediate family, including my two brothers are safe and secure. I made sure of it.

I’m buying oil paints and canvas in September. I’m starting my paper journals on my birthday. I think I’ll invest in my own printer in August as well. I’ll get my own printer. I’m signing up to all adobe programs in September.

That’s all for now. Everything is working out well in my life and my immediate family’s life including my two brothers.

I love being young, single, and beautiful. I plan to live into my 100s like my grandmother.

I like taking care of myself and my own needs and I like taking care of my immediate family.

It’s great not having children or a husband to answer to. But to do whatever you want at any given notice and travel the world.

I’m extremely content with my life.


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