So my Apple IPad and Apple Watch and Fitbit will be arriving late next week because they had to be restocked. That’s ok. I’m not in a rush.

But my TV has arrived and it’s bigger than I expected. The 8-oulet extension cords arrive tomorrow. My two printers arrive on Monday. I clean my room tomorrow.

So life is great. I defeated a lot of enemies and overcame insurmountable odds. And I did it alone with the guidance of my angels and spiritual guide team. We did it team! We won.

What my immediate family including my two brothers won I don’t know exactly, but it’s wonderful to have peace of mind. The spiritual warfare they were waging against me was intense. I nearly died several times. I thought I was going to at times. But we annihilated them.

And after you go through something like that; when your soul goes through fire; and you don’t burn into a heap of ashes; you become extremely strong on so many levels. You develop enormous willpower and inner and outer strength. You find yourself and what you’re made of. You know who you are and all your skills, talents, and abilities. I feel like Wonder Woman. lol.

I have an incredible inner drive and enormous self-confidence. Not much can dampen my spirits after the storm I’ve been through. I’m often copied, but never can I be duplicated.

The One and Only,

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