Sunday Update

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning my room and setting up my huge flat screen TV and printer. My room is nice and tidy. I also have a sprocket printer for printing out photos and pictures from social media sites.

Unfortunately I discovered that this Laptop doesn’t come with a CD rom but instead has a lot of memory. So I ordered a UBS DVD/CD drive that will arrive next week. I also ordered some more stuff on Amazon.

I don’t know when my father will install my doorknob locks. Hopefully this week. Direct TV is coming to install my cable. I wonder if I have Netflix on this TV. I have a Netflix account.

So waiting on IPad, Iwatch, fitbit, and USB DVD/CD drive.

Then I’m all set for my paper journaling starting on my birthday. And reading over fifty non-fiction books.

Next month I’m getting s PlayStation with 2 games, an XBOX with 2 games, and a WII with 2 games.

I’m also putting hosting on Emmaruth.World on my birthday. I’ll wait to but and hosting.

I acquired the sites and

Life is doing great. I have no more worries. The criminals have been handled.

La Dolce Vita.


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