I mentioned in my last post that my Rose Gold Premium IPAD arrived the other day. I have the complete Apple set. Apple IPhone, Rose Gold Series 2 Apple Watch, Premium Rose Gold IPad, 32GB Classic Apple IPod. I don’t own a MAC though. I prefer Windows. I have a 2 grand Laptop with ultimate security.

My Verizon Cable was installed today. So I can watch cable TV. I’m getting a PlayStation, Xbox, and WII next month. I’m also getting an Apple Pen for my Apple IPad. I may also get a pen for my laptop. It’s touchscreen.

I installed my lock with a key for my door. No one is getting into my room. hehe.

In September I’m getting a 2 grand camera and working on my art portfolio.

I’m single and love it. If I want to date, I’ll get a dog. hehe.

I’ll be studying a number of subjects next year. This year I’m self-teaching myself on various subjects. Next week I’m going to start my paper journals.

I decided not to put any more hosting on any websites. I don’t have time for them. I rarely have time for this website EmmaMerrick.com

I wonder if I can put Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. on my IPad. I doubt it, but I’ll look into it.

I’m subscribing to Adobe Photoworks next month for my art portfolio.

I’m going to start shopping for clothes again this coming January.

I’m getting a brand new car in February next year. 40K. Audi or Nissan.

I feel good today. The last two weeks I was under some terrible hypnotic spell. But the perpetrators were killed. hehe.


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